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6 Kitchen Lighting Trends to Consider

Did you know that different lighting styles can impact the aesthetic of your entire room? There are many different kitchen lighting trends that can make or break a kitchen design. When you are cooking, you want to have the best lighting possible, but you also want it to match the overall design of the space. At Searchlight Electric, we aim to provide a wide variety of lighting options such as chandeliers, recessed lights, and pendant lights in Australia. In this article, we will walk you through some of the best lighting options and when to use them for your kitchen! Check out these six kitchen lighting trends to consider when redoing your kitchen.


Pendant Lights

Pendant lights come in a wide variety of styles that can brighten the design of almost any space. These lights are ideal for rooms with high ceilings and expansive spaces. This style is extremely versatile and can be incorporated into almost any overall kitchen design due to the range of available shapes, colours, styles, and materials used. There are two different basic types of pendant lights: single pendant lights and spider pendant lights.

Single pendant lights have one fixture that is hung from various lengths. These lights are considered some of the most decorative lights on the market and can fit into almost any fitting. From modern designs to Tiffany shade lighting, pendant lights can be ordered to match any decor with various shapes, colours, and styles. Common styles include Tiffany, modern, retro, and industrial. Single lights are ideal for general lighting or task lighting.

Spider pendant lights are multi-drop lights that come in a wide range of styles, designs, and colours. These lights are ideal for a modern aesthetic and can be ordered to match the design of any room. Similar to single pendant lighting, spider pendant lights work in almost any fitting. They generally come in clear glass or copper fittings with a more modern or industrial style that is ideal for a modern kitchen or a farmhouse kitchen. 


Chandeliers never go out of style! A chandelier is ideal for high ceiling rooms that are meant to be the focal point of the home. They are perfect for providing light that will illuminate an entire room and provide an elegant style. This style of lighting is generally used for luxurious or glamorous kitchens in a modern or vintage style home. In general, chandeliers are made of either glass or crystal.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is a ceiling light fixture that is fitted into a hollow opening in the ceiling to provide toplight appearing directly from the ceiling. This type of lighting concentrates the lighting directly downward in various streams of lighting options. Recessed lighting can provide a broad floodlight or a narrow spotlight. This is ideal for kitchens that have lower ceilings.

Overall, recessed lighting is generally used to give a more modern aesthetic to a kitchen. Most often, they use LED light bulbs to provide the ideal lighting for preparing meals. These lights can also be put on a dimmer switch to accommodate different times of the day or changing lighting needs.

Flush Lighting

Flush lighting is another type of ceiling light that is ideal for lower ceilings in kitchens. Flush lighting is a lighting fixture that is attached to the ceiling to fit flat against it. This makes it a great option to provide a clean, polished look to lower ceilings. There are even styles that are reminiscent of spider pendant lights on a smaller scale to fit into smaller spaces.

Flush lighting

 In general, flush lighting is designed to provide soft, subtle lighting making it great for kitchens with a lot of natural light and low ceilings or with a soft colour palette. At Searchlight Electric, we have an extensive range of IP44 rated splashproof flush fittings, which are ideal for kitchen lighting.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps aren’t just for living areas and reading nooks - they can also be perfect for kitchen lighting! As a matter of fact, some of our best selling kitchen lighting options are floor lamps. Floor lamps come in a variety of different styles, colours, materials and options. From crystal and glass to twisted metal, floor lamps can match almost any kitchen design. This lighting is ideal for kitchens that are combined with dining spaces or rooms that have a lot of natural light during the day.

We provide a variety of floor lamp lighting solutions that can match any kitchen design from modern to rustic. In general, floor lamps are placed on corners, near shelving as an accent, or in between rooms in an open floor plan.


Finally, spotlights are ideal for modern kitchen designs. Spotlights provide a versatile lighting solution with the options to change the direction of the light to aim exactly where you need it. Spotlights are ideal for providing a subtle look, similar to recessed lighting but attached to the ceiling instead of laid into the ceiling.

Spotlights come in a variety of styles. However, they generally have LED lights for fresh lighting perfect for cooking. Kitchen spotlights are great for placing over an Island or hidden into decor over the sink. This type of lighting is great for modern designs with a range of styles from contemporary light fittings to sleek, subtle designs. In general, they are placed in groups along a strip to provide maximum lighting opportunities. In addition, they can be put on a dimmer to change the mood at any time.

At the end of the day, the lighting that you choose for your kitchen will set the overall theme of the room. Make sure that you choose a design that speaks to the aesthetic of the room in design, colour, and light. For a more rustic feel, darker colours with Edison bulbs are a great option. For elegant rooms, glass and crystal lights set the mood. If you’re going for modern designs, metallic or white lights with LED bulbs polish the room. No matter what interior design you decide on, these kitchen lighting trends are sure to make an impact on your kitchen.