6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Lighting

6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Lighting

Improving the lighting in your home can be tough, with so many different types of lighting to consider and so many other variables to think about, it’s hard to even know where to begin.

That’s where this article comes in.

Here, you’re going to learn 6 simple ways to improve your lighting and have your home looking absolutely fantastic in no time.

Ceiling Lights

As the main source of lighting for most rooms, ceiling lights are critically important when it comes to determining the character and vibe of the room.

They dictate the ambience of the room and affect how all other sources of light will react with objects and shadows in the room. Your ceiling lights are the hero of your rooms magical light-play story and they’re far and away the most obvious way to improve your rooms lighting.

Ceiling lights can be broken up into a few different subsections, there’s chandeliers, flush lights, pendants and spotlights – let’s start with the big one, chandeliers.


Chandeliers are typically gorgeous, eye-catching sources of light that are intended to garner attention.

They add a touch of class and elegance to any room they grace, and yet, they’re versatile enough that you can find a chandelier to suit any situation.

From brilliant show-stopper pieces such as the Almandite 8 Lt that will become the feature piece of the room, all the way to the subtleties of the Maypole 5 Lt that will quietly enhance the atmosphere without drawing much attention to itself, chandeliers are a sure-fire way to improve the lighting in your home.

When considering a chandelier – it’s important to get the right-sized chandelier for your room – here’s a handy little guide on how to make sure you get the right one.


Flush Lights

Flush lights are more subtle than chandeliers, and like the name suggests – the typically lay flat or “flush” with the ceiling.

They’re perfect for low ceilings – if you’re working with a space that doesn’t have a lot of overhead room, flush lights are going to be the hero to come and save the room from the terrors of subpar lighting. You can also get semi-flush lighting that looks wonderful – yet, still retains a relatively small and compact form factor.

These types of lights can come in a variety of styles, ranging from the classy and slick Modern 1 Lt which will be sure to fit into any situation, all the way to the sassy semi-flush Sierra 9 Lt that will add a touch of elegance to your room.

Flush lights have a way of adding a certain X-Factor to the room, because of their somewhat discreet design and classy, elegant aesthetic.

Modern 1 Lt Flush Light



Pendants are, in a sense, the opposite of a flush light. Where flush lights try to stick as close to the ceiling as possible, pendant lighting hangs down from the ceiling and makes itself a little more known.

This makes them versatile as you can use them for improving the lighting in rooms with especially high ceilings, and thanks to the way they hang from the ceiling, there’s a lot of truly awe-inspiring designs to choose from as the designers don’t have to worry about keeping the ceiling in mind when creating them.

Pendants came come in more basic, simple variations such as the Squiggle 5 Lt that will add some beautiful ambience to the room all the way up to the stunning Diamond Pattern Led Double Hoop Pendant and everything in-between.

If you have the room for them, installing some pendant lights into your home is an incredible way to enhance your lighting - while also adding some great character to the room.


Squiggle 5 Lt Pendant



Spotlights differ from other forms of ceiling lighting as they provide directional lighting. Where other lights will spread their glorious lighting all throughout the room evenly, spotlights are intended to focus in specific areas.

This makes them excellent for outdoor use, as well as bathrooms, kitchens and anywhere else where you need the lighting to be more focused than other ceiling lighting.

For a spotlight to enhance the lighting in your room, you’re going to need to think about what purpose it will serve.

If you’re looking to add some targeted lighting into your bathroom – then you’ll be after something like the Bubbles Effect spotlight. If you need an outdoor light to shine along the side of your house, then the Focus 1 Lt Satin Silver spotlight will be what you’re after.

Spotlights are typically adjustable as well, so you’ll be able to change the direction of the lighting at any time to suit your needs.


Bubbles Effect Spotlight


Table and Floor Lamps

Perhaps the simplest way to improve the lighting in your house is to just get some new table and floor lamps.

These lamps are a quick, cost-effective way of spicing up your lighting – and, contrary to popular belief, they don’t have to be boring!

A table or floor lamp can easily turn a dull area in your room into a beautiful little reading nook, and they can really add to the aesthetics of your living areas and bedrooms as well.

If you’re looking for a basic, classy solution – the Club Table Lamp has you covered. If you’re after something more luxurious and aesthetically appealing, the bold and brilliant Ribbon Led Twist Floor Lamp is sure to please.



Club Table Lamp


Wall Lamps

Wall lamps are ideal for taking your rooms lighting to the next level. When you’re happy with how things are looking, wall lamps are where you’re going to find that special something to push things over the edge.

They work harmoniously alongside other sources of lighting to create wonderful lighting textures and ambience.

You’ll also find they’re very versatile! Wall lamps cover all of those little bases you might not have even thought about.

If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor lighting – the Outdoor & Porch Wall Light is going to be a fantastic choice, as it’s a sensor light that looks fantastic and services a practical purpose as well.

If you’re seeking to emphasise something you’re proud of – perhaps a photo, a painting or a degree, then the Picture Light Sat/silver is going to be the best practical way to take your lighting to the next level.


Picture Light Sat/Silver

Changing up the lighting in your room will have a drastic impact on the ambience of the room and the vibe it creates.

There are certain things to consider – if you’ve got low ceilings, then you’d probably find a flush light would work wonders for you. If you’ve got higher ceilings, a chandelier or a pendant light would be the way to go. It’s all dependant on what you’re after, and what type of room you’re working with.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy lighting enhancement, table, floor and wall lamps are going to be ideal as you can place them wherever you want and they don’t require professional installation.

So that’s it, 6 simple ways to improve your lighting!

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