A light isn't just for Christmas

This Christmas, let your entertaining stretch long into the evening with some incredible garden lighting. Long summer evenings spent outdoors can be enhanced by outdoor wall lights, lanterns and light posts to keep your parties going well after sunset and into the early hours this Christmas, and for the rest of the year too! Our Led Outdoor and Porch Wall Light and Ohio Outdoor Led Post are great for lighting up your garden with a modern, seamless finish.  

Or if you’d prefer putting your feet up in the cool comfort of the indoors, a little attention to detail when it comes to your lighting will transform your home into a light, airy space. Finding that warm glow is essential for creating an inviting, calm atmosphere. Having table and floor lamps dotted about around your living room can help to create a soft, homely feel to your space. Adding wall lamps is also a great way to create harmony in your lighting, as the different light sources can playfully bounce off each other. They’re also a perfect way to highlight something you’re proud of—perhaps a photograph or a painting. 

Your lighting is more than just a practicality: it is the character of your home. Strategic placement of lights can work wonders in creating the desired ambiance for each room. 

Flush and pendant ceiling lights, track lighting, seamless spotlights and chandeliers are just some of the many options available as a centred piece of lighting that highlights a particular area. When choosing a ceiling light, a bright statement piece is great to have over the dining room table at Christmas dinner (and the rest of the year too!). We really like a ribbed-glass pendant light such as our American Diner Pendant with Antique Brass.  For a more informal get-together in the kitchen perhaps for Boxing Day or to chase the New Year hangover away a really nice Spider pendant such as our Squiggle 5 light Pendant works really well. These fixtures create a lively, energetic environment at meals and get togethers, and can be artistic, aesthetic delights.  

Whether it’s your classic Candlestick Chandelier, an elegant Chrome Pyramid Drop, or the traditional luxury of crystals, you can find a light that will make your Christmas (and the rest of the year!) sparkle.  

There are lights that match every vibe. Choose your lighting this Christmas and watch as it makes your home special all year long. Because a home is only home when there is light waiting to welcome you.