Delivery delays due to Covid 19 - Dec 2021/Jan 2022

With the surging COVID cases in NSW combined with massive online sales volumes over the Boxing Day sale period, we are now facing some significant challenges. In the Sydney warehouse, we are down almost 40% on scheduled staff numbers today, most are sick & getting/awaiting test results or are close contacts waiting on test results.

Current expectations are that with the wave of cases in developing rapidly further impacts on staff numbers are likely to occur over the next few weeks. There will be an impact in terms of processing orders on time. Part of the equation will be the overall order volumes over the coming week. In terms of mitigating the immediate impact, we are recalling staff from planned leave where possible. Of course, the normal COVID safe practices are adhered to by staff.

With current order volumes, we are also expecting some impacts on parcel deliveries at Australia Post. As information comes to hand we will share this around.