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Check Out These 5 Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Enhance Your Home

For any homeowner that is looking to up their landscaping game, outdoor lighting is a must. There are many different options for lighting your home outdoors for a fabulous and stylish appearance. Outdoor lighting is ideal for lighting pathways, social areas, entrances, and providing security. Enhance your outdoor areas with these five outdoor lighting ideas!

Wall Mounted Porch Lights

You can never go wrong with classic wall mounted porch lights. There are a variety of different styles of wall-mounted porch lights that are perfect for any home. In general, there are three common styles of mounted porch lights: metallic, glass, and vintage. Metallic and glass lights are ideal for a modern home design and can be matched to virtually any siding or style of home. Vintage lights are perfect for a more rustic look making them an interesting addition to architecturally interesting homes, older homes, or as an option to provide a little extra character to a home.

Spotlight Porch Lights

Spotlight porch lights can be used to create a statement with your entryway lights. There are two general designs when using spotlights for porch lighting: top lighting and bottom lighting. Top light illuminates the porch from the ceiling. A 3 spotlight ceiling light is perfect for illuminating entryways while providing the option to aim light in specific areas. This is ideal for using directed light to light your entryway for security purposes.

Bottom light illuminates the porch from the walkway, wall, or porch near the ground. This type of lighting is currently trending as a type of lighting design that makes a statement. With bottom lighting, you can illuminate your walkway and entryway for security purposes, while still providing an accent to your home that makes it stand out.

Pillar Lighted Walkways

Polish off your landscaping design with pillar lighted walkways. At Searchlight Electric we provide two different heights of pillar outdoor lights. Taller lights are perfect for illuminating the ends of driveways or the entrances to a walkway while shorter lights are great for placing along the length of the walkway. This allows for easy visibility at night while providing a soft accent to your landscape design.

Garden Lighting

For an interesting addition to your exterior area, consider adding some garden lighting. There are a few ways to add some light to your garden. The first is to line the outside of your garden with lighting such as pillar lights. The second option is to place lights periodically throughout the garden to line the rows and walkways within the garden.

Social Area Lighting

Make your social area available at any time of the day or night with extra lighting options. There are many different options for lighting your social area depending on the design of the space. You may be close to the house where wall mounted porch lights would make sense, or set back in an alcove where pillar lights are the better option.

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